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"We had already been to Linen Chest to purchase wedding gifts for other couples and were very happy with the service as customers, so when the time came for us to choose a place to register for our wedding, it was a no brainer: we knew Linen Chest would be the right place.


Our bridal consultant Stephanie took the time to explain how the registry works and was extremely knowledgeable on all items in the store. We were offered a gift for the house and wedding magazines to help us plan the big day. Stephanie was always available to add or remove items from our list, whether we requested it by phone or e-mail, which is very helpful when you're overwhelmed with all the wedding details! The whole staff is friendly and always ready to help (not to mention they even offer you delicious espressos!). Our guests were able to purchase the gifts online, which was greatly appreciated by them and gave us the opportunity to pick up the gifts as we wished. Finally, this great experience was wrapped up with the one year VIP 10% discount card. We had a wonderful experience thanks to the amazing staff at Linen Chest and would definitely recommend it to any couple getting married. Thank you for all your help and for making us feel extra special before our big day :)"

- Remi and Tony, married September 13th, 2014

"I decided to make a bridal registry with Linen Chest for my October 2013 wedding. Still living with my parents, I had never cooked anything and didn't know much about kitchen and home products. I needed to put a lot of essential items on my registry to start a new home with my then fiancé. All of my stresses were put to rest by the most helpful sales woman who walked around the store with us for over an hour, explaining everything and helping us scan necessary items. Linen Chest has everything a bride could ever need, but is not an overwhelming store to browse through. Now, I use all my Linen Chest items in my home with pride. I recommend Linen Chest's registry service to any bride looking for a great experience with exceptional customer service in a classy and beautiful store!"


- Adrienne and Josh, married October 13th, 2013

"My husband and I entrusted Linen Chest with our wedding registry and throughout our time at the Linen Chest we had absolutely no regrets. Along withthe wide array of products available and the fantastic service we received from all the employees, we also got the 10% rebate once our registry was closed to help purchase our dream dish set. The Linen Chest helped us find the lowest prices for each of the products we wanted and the 10% rebate was a wonderful bonus on top of all the excellent service."

- Jess and Stu, married June 14th, 2009


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“I must say that everyone in the Bridal Registry Department at Linen Chest made our registry a fantastic and comfortable experience! They knew me by name and still do when I come by… Every bride-to-be should have a stress-free experience like this one. Excellent customer service!”

- Diana Ortona, married June 6th, 2009

"A wedding is such a beautiful time in your life and everyone involved in the preparations plays a big role. Linen Chest made this experience for me very enjoyable and welcomed me into their store as if it was their home. They took all the time necessary with me and helped me to be practical in all my purchases. They always greeted me with a smile and I truly felt that they too were feeding off the happiness of all the brides that they work with as if we were family. I couldn't be happier with choosing to do my bridal registry at Linen Chest."

-Amanda Dawn Sculnick, married October 12th, 2009

"A huge thank you for making everything so easy for us in the months towards our wedding. From the set up of our registry to the ongoing queries and changes, our bridal consultant was always so helpful and her services were always first class. She was extremely patient throughout the process and because of her experience, she helped us make fabulous decisions that we could have never made on our own. Many of our guests purchased things for us online and have told us what a great experience they found it to be, how simple it was and how they loved the fact that they were able to buy us something with the click of a mouse. Thanks again for all your help and wonderful input!"

- Terri and Lewis Clarke, married June 22, 2008

"I cannot say enough good things about the Linen Chest's Wedding Registry Program. I registered in the Spring of 2006 for our Fall 2006 wedding. Every detail from the information packet to ordering our final place setting was looked after meticulously. After looking at other popular stores to register at, we decided on the Linen Chest for it's personal service, wide variety of products and excellent reputation.

We worked very closely with our bridal consultant, who was awesome. She had a great sense of style, and she was incredibly knowledgeable on the practical aspects of the registry. For example, my husband was all set on getting these pricey wine glasses and our consultant helped us focus on what we needed, what we would realistically use and what would make the registry complete, and accessible to a wide variety of gift-giving guests. In the end, we had beautiful china, cutlery, everyday dishes, and even some great wine glasses.

What really sets Linen Chest apart though is the rebate program. By the time our wedding was over, we were given a wonderful rebate, in the form of a gift certificate to use on whatever we wanted or needed in the store. By then, we had just moved and the rebate allowed us to get blinds for our new home!

All in all, I would recommend Linen Chest over all the others in a heartbeat! Weddings can bring on a lot of stressful situations. At Linen Chest, I knew that the registry would not be one of them! Their wonderful staff, easy returns, vast selection and rebate program will leave you feeling well taken care of!"

- Alex G., married September 3rd, 2006

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