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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is in charge of my bridal registry? Who do I contact when I have an issue or a question before or after I register?


All Linen Chest stores have bridal consultants who you may contact for information prior to opening a registry. Once you have opened a registry your personal consultant will always be available to help you with anything you may need. Click Here to contact your store.


How does the Bridal Registry work?


Once you have set up an appointment with a bridal consultant to open a registry, your consultant will guide you through the store to create your registry. She will help you choose what items you should add to your list. We will help you in your selection of casual dining, elegant dining, giftware, linens, baking, cooking, decor and anything else you may want. Our goal is to create a well-balanced registry that will be suitable for anyone's budget, and get you everything you want. You can also modify your registry as often as you want. Your bridal consultant is available to help you maintain your list by adding or removing items.


When can I get a copy of the registry list?


As soon as your list is completed in store, we will upload it and print it out for you right away. You will be able to review and make any changes on spot if needed. You will also be able to access your list online with an access code and password provided when you create your list. Online you will receive detailed information on the status of your registry; you can also keep track of gifts. Your account is updated constantly so you are always up to date.


What does the “Manage My Registry” function allow me to do?


This features will allows the registrant to upload personal pictures, provide the location, directions to the wedding, and any personalized greetings that you would like to share with your guests. 


When an item is purchased, is my registry automatically updated?


Yes, each time a guest purchases an item off your registry online, in-store or by phone we will automatically update your registry.


What is the Linen Chest consolidated program?


Choose the gift that's right for you! The Linen Chest consolidated program - a great way to get all the things you need for your home! With this program, you can decide whether you want the actual item purchased for you from your registry, or whether you prefer the value of the item, applied to anything else in the store. Guests who wish to pick up their gifts in store can arrange to do so with their bridal consultant. See your  registry consultant for full details.


Does Linen Chest carry the full range of small electrical appliances?


Yes, we are proud of our comprehensive selection and full range of all the top brand names products, including: Krups, DeLonghi, Saeco, Nespresso, Breville, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, T-Fal and more.


Can a guest offer an amount of money towards my registry?


Absolutely! Our consultants always recommend offering cash contribution towards your registry, especially when they cannot find something within their price range.  It’s fine for guests to combine a gift and top up the amount with a cash contribution to allow guests to spend the full amount they want to contribute.


What exactly is the program that offers you an exclusive VIP 10% discount card?


This program is exclusive to the Linen Chest.  It offers you a VIP 10% discount card for 1 full year (upon registry completion).  With the VIP 10% discount card, you will have a 10% discount each time you shop at one of our Linen Chest stores.


What is the 10% Completion Program?


When you have finalized and closed your registry, chances are there have been some items overlooked by your guests. This special offer gives you aone time extra 10% discount on the purchase of items you may still want but did not receive.


What if my guests see something cheaper somewhere else?


At the Linen Chest we have a price policy where we will not only match the cheapest price, but we will also take an additional 10% off on the difference.


How long will my registry be available to my guests?


Your registry is available until 3 months after your wedding for guests, unless arranged by you differently. We are very flexible and our goal is to accommodate your needs, we would be happy to do what works best for you.


How can I let my guests know where I am registered?


Once you open a registry with us, we will provide you free of charge with subtle announcement cards that you can enclose in your invitations. They are a great and tactful way to let your guests know that you are registered.


What if I need to make a return?


If an item has been purchased off your registry and you do not want to keep it you can return it no questions asked. As long as the item you are returning is returned in the original box and it was an itemyou registered for you do not even need the receipt we will still take it back.


Are products or wedding registries refundable?


No, they are not refundable. However, your credit can be used at any of our Linen Chest store locations, on any merchandise. Should you wish to exchange any gifts purchased, our consultants will be happy to assist you. It is important to note that items must be returned in their original boxes and that it is not applicable to special order and import items. We ensure that your credit will be available for the next one year, however we encourage you to finalize your registry within the 90 days after your wedding date to take advantage of the completion and financing programs.


What if I want a product you do not carry?


At Linen Chest we are very proud of our selection. We have a wide range of all the best name brands and products to accommodate every taste and budget. If you do not find what you are looking for just let your bridal consultant know and we will order it for you.


What if an item on my registry goes on sale or is discontinued?


It is likely that some items on your list may be subject to sales prices or even get discontinued from the time you open your registry to the time you close it. If an item is on sale we will honour the sale price for your guests. It would not be fair to overcharge them, it would also discourage them to purchase off the registry. If an item you have chosen is discontinued we will notify you and you will have to choice to replace it with a running item, or purchase it from the stock we have left.

**Please note that only the registry holder can request a price adjustment or return an item to receive a store credit which will be applied directly to their account. This credit can be used in any store location across Canada.


How do I change any of my coordinates for my registry?


You can always call any of our bridal consultants who are happy to make any adjustments to your information. You can also go online to your account and edit your profile information, with the access code and password provided by your bridal consultant.


When can I finalize my registry?


Your bridal consultant will be contacting you 30 days after your event to set up an appointment to finalize your registry, but feel to call her to make arrangements prior.


Should I make an appointment to finalize my registry?


The Linen Chest always has a qualified consultant available, however for your convenience an appointment is recommended.



Can I get me gifts delivered?


Yes. Free delivery is available for our registrants. When you are finalizing your registry the consultant will make the delivery arrangements with you.



Upon delivery of my gifts how long do I have to verify them?


Within 48 hours of receiving your gifts let us know if gifts have arrived with any damages

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